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Phil Collins - Discography 19 albums [MP3 192-320Kbps][TNTVILLAGE ORG]

Phil Collins - Discography 19 albums [MP3 192-320Kbps][TNTVILLAGE ORG]

Phil Collins - Discography 19 albums [MP3 192-320Kbps][TNTVILLAGE ORG]

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*[TNTVILLAGE.ORG] Phil Collins -

+(1981) Face Value/01. In The Air Tonight.mp3

+(1981) Face Value/02. This Must Be Love.mp3

+(1981) Face Value/03. Behind The Lines.mp3

+(1981) Face Value/04. The Roof Is Leaking.mp3

+(1981) Face Value/05. Droned.mp3

+(1981) Face Value/06. Hand In Hand.mp3

+(1981) Face Value/07. I Missed Again.mp3

+(1981) Face Value/08. You Know What I Mean.mp3

+(1981) Face Value/09. Thunder And Lightning.mp3

+(1981) Face Value/10. I'm Not Leaving.mp3

+(1981) Face Value/11. If Leaving Me Is Easy.mp3

+(1981) Face Value/12. Tomorrow Never Knows.mp3

+(1982) Hello, I Must Be Going!/01. I Don't Care Anymore.mp3

+(1982) Hello, I Must Be Going!/02. I Cannot Believe It's True.mp3

+(1982) Hello, I Must Be Going!/03. Like China.mp3

+(1982) Hello, I Must Be Going!/04. Do You Know, Do You Care .mp3

+(1982) Hello, I Must Be Going!/05. You Can't Hurry Love.mp3

+(1982) Hello, I Must Be Going!/06. It Don't Matter To Me.mp3

+(1982) Hello, I Must Be Going!/07. Thru These Walls.mp3

+(1982) Hello, I Must Be Going!/08. Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away.mp3

+(1982) Hello, I Must Be Going!/09. The West Side.mp3

+(1982) Hello, I Must Be Going!/10. Why Can't It Wait 'Til Morning.mp3

+(1985) No Jacket Required/01. Sussudio.mp3

+(1985) No Jacket Required/02. Only you know and I know.mp3

+(1985) No Jacket Required/03. Long long way to go.mp3

+(1985) No Jacket Required/04. I don't wanna know.mp3

+(1985) No Jacket Required/05. One more night.mp3

+(1985) No Jacket Required/06. Don't lose my number.mp3

+(1985) No Jacket Required/07. Who said I wanted.mp3

+(1985) No Jacket Required/08. Doesn't anybody stay together anymore.mp3

+(1985) No Jacket Required/09. Inside out.mp3

+(1985) No Jacket Required/10. Take me home.mp3

+(1985) No Jacket Required/11. We said hello goodbye.mp3

+(1987) 12''ers/01. Take Me Home.mp3

+(1987) 12''ers/02. Sussudio.mp3

+(1987) 12''ers/03. Who Said I Would.mp3

+(1987) 12''ers/04. Only You Know and I Know.mp3

+(1987) 12''ers/05. Don't Lose My Number.mp3

+(1987) 12''ers/06. One More Night.mp3

+(1989) ...But Seriously/01. Hang In Long Enough.mp3

+(1989) ...But Seriously/02. That's Just The Way It Is.mp3

+(1989) ...But Seriously/03. Do You Remember .mp3

+(1989) ...But Seriously/04. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven.mp3

+(1989) ...But Seriously/05. Colours.mp3

+(1989) ...But Seriously/06. I Wish It Would Rain Down.mp3

+(1989) ...But Seriously/07. Another Day In Paradise.mp3

+(1989) ...But Seriously/08. Heat On The Street.mp3

+(1989) ...But Seriously/09. All Of My Life.mp3

+(1989) ...But Seriously/10. Saturday Night And Sunday Morning.mp3

+(1989) ...But Seriously/11. Father To Son.mp3

+(1989) ...But Seriously/12. Find A Way To My Heart.mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/01. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven (Live).mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/02. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (Live).mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/03. Who Said I Would (Live).mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/04. One More Night (Live).mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/05. Don't Lose My Number (Live).mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/06. Do You Remember (Live).mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/07. Another Day In Paradise (Live).mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/08. Separate Lives (Live).mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/09. In The Air Tonight (Live).mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/10. You Can't Hurry Love (Live).mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/11. Two Hearts (Live).mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/12. Sussudio (Live).mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/13. A Groovy Kind Of Love (Live).mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/14. Easy Lover (Live).mp3

+(1990) Serious Hits... Live!/15. Take Me Home (Live).mp3

+(1993) Both Sides/01. Both Sides Of The Story.mp3

+(1993) Both Sides/02. Can't Turn Back The Years.mp3

+(1993) Both Sides/03. Everyday.mp3

+(1993) Both Sides/04. I've Forgotten Everything.mp3

+(1993) Both Sides/05. We're Sons Of Our Fathers.mp3

+(1993) Both Sides/06. Can't Find My Way.mp3

+(1993) Both Sides/07. Survivors.mp3

+(1993) Both Sides/08. We Fly So Close.mp3

+(1993) Both Sides/09. There's A Place For Us.mp3

+(1993) Both Sides/10. We Wait And We Wonder.mp3

+(1993) Both Sides/11. Please Come Out Tonight.mp3

+(1996) Dance Into The Light/01. Dance Into The Light.mp3

+(1996) Dance Into The Light/02. That's What You Said.mp3

+(1996) Dance Into The Light/03. Lorenzo.mp3

+(1996) Dance Into The Light/04. Just Another Story.mp3

+(1996) Dance Into The Light/05. Love Police.mp3

+(1996) Dance Into The Light/06. Wear My Hat.mp3

+(1996) Dance Into The Light/07. It's In Your Eyes.mp3

+(1996) Dance Into The Light/08. Oughta Know By Now.mp3

+(1996) Dance Into The Light/09. Take Me Down.mp3

+(1996) Dance Into The Light/10. The Same Moon.mp3

+(1996) Dance Into The Light/11. River So Wide.mp3

+(1996) Dance Into The Light/12. No Matter Who.mp3

+(1996) Dance Into The Light/13. The Times They Are A-Changin'.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/01. Hand In Hand.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/02. Hang In Long Enough.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/03. Don't Lose My Number.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/04. Another Day In Paradise.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/05. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now).mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/06. Lorenzo.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/07. Seperate Lives.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/08. Long Way To Go.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/09. In The Air Tonight.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/10. Timbantiocha.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/11. Easy Lover.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/12. Dance Into The Light.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/13. Wear My Hat.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/14. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/15. Sussudio.mp3

+(1997) Live And Loose In Paris/16. End.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/01. Another Day In Paradise.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/02. True Colors.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/03. Easy Lover.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/04. You Can't Hurry Love.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/05. Two Hearts.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/06. I Wish It Would Rain Down.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/07. Against All Odds.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/08. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/09. Separate Lives.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/10. Both Sides Of The Story.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/11. One More Night.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/12. Sussudio.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/13. Dance Into The Light.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/14. A Groovy Kind Of Love.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/15. In The Air Tonight.mp3

+(1998) ...Hits/16. Take Me Home.mp3

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/01. Se Vuoi.mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/02. Sei Dentro Me.mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/03. In Tuo Figlio.mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/04. Trashin' the Camp.mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/05. Al di Fuori di Me.mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/06. Se Vuoi - Reprise.mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/07. You'll Be in My Heart (Single Version).mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/08. Trashin' the Camp (Phil and 'N Sync Version).mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/09. Strangers Like Me.mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/10. Son Of Man.mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/11. Two Worlds.mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/12. Un Luogo Meraviglioso (Score).mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/13. Si Muove Come Una Scimmia, Sembra un Uomo (Score).mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/14. I Gorilla.mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/15. Una Famiglia.mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Italiano/16. Se Vuoi - Finale.mpc

+(1998) Tarzan OST Deutsch/01. Zwei Welten.mp3

+(1998) Tarzan OST Deutsch/02. Dir geh

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